I give up for the night, the glue that i was using for the necklace didnt set even tho i was sure it was going to. Going to take Sirs suggestion and try super glue. I did get what i hope are the last bits that i need and have come up with a pattern so even though im way behind where i want to be i hope it will turn out well.
Sir and I were talking the other day about me doing a mentorship under someone who serves someone who is sort of similar in nature spirituality wise to Sir. It both excites me and worries me. Exciting because ill learn lots about how better to serve as a shamans girl, since this person is more experienced. It worries me cause of the unknown- what will they expect of me, how will i fit it into my schedule, what if I cant grasp some concept? Logically i know that i will try my best to learn all i can,  but emotionally wise with all the things in my life lately going wrong and feeling so disconnected im nervous about what will happen. I know if i look at the big picture, i will carve out time i will apply myself and do the best i can, but…..

I had talked the other day about feeling i needed this big ” thing”  and didnt know what it is,  maybe this is it, but i really dont think so, its something else, but if this mentor thing comes about i will definately take every opportunity to learn as much as much as i can