So relatively lazy day, cooked breakfast for Sir and his boyfriend, did the dishes cleaned up my room and read abunch. I finished the first marketplace book it was awesome. But i should have beed cleaning sirting or doing paperwork. Need to get on that stuff
Going to start working on freyjas necklace tomorrow cause i only have 2 weeks left but today just couldnt get into the right headspace to do it i was sad and gloomy just like the weather and i didnt feel it was appropriate to work on the necklace when the intent is a labor of thanks.  Did some quick centering and meditation on whatever it is that that i need and still dont know what it is. But i know that there is something, something i need to find , do, have done to/for me but havent figured it out yet,  and untill then i feel a bit lost/disconnected. But ill keep on trying.