I couldnt seem to do much of anything today, its like was in a fog. I felt like a failure, i mean i know i wasnt but it just seemed like there was so much i wanted to do but when i finished something i just couldnt get another thing started. Did finally change out the doornob of doom and tonight i did rearrange my room so that the ginormous table didnt feel like it was taking up half the room.
So i did finally get to the bead shop, and although they didnt have a great selection of real amber, i think i got enough to make the necklace. I did have feeling of i spiration about finding some interesting amber pendants which will probaby end up being the center of the necklace but i believe they are fake because they are really round and clear, but i got this little nudge to get them so, if im trying to be more aware of the spirituality around me every day, then i cant ignore things like that. Also got some raw amber nuggets cause well i looked at them and it was kinda like 2 of them said hey take me home, but they are rather large in proportion to they other things i got so i dont know if they will work i n the necklace, but who knows maybe they are meant for something else. Also got a shiny small disc for la siren cause it was blueish and pearly and just kinda reminded me of the ocean
Still feel disconnected but i bet some of that is the stress of work and being sad and mopey for the last few days, still havent figured what it is that i need but i know i need to do something and relatively soon, hopefully ill fivure it out.