So work was even worse today, i got babysat by a coach or the trainer pretty much all day as in them standing right next to me watching what i was doing, which is one of my biggest pet peeves.
Ive had to do alot of trying to center myself and breathing exercises at work, its so frustrating at how slow we are going and the poor way its presented that centering and breathing is the only way to get thru it. Hopefully going to head tomorrow to the bead shop to get the stuff for freyas necklace.  The flurry of activity it the last few weeks has left me overwhelmed, still going to try to sit down and plan a bit but the last few days ive felt disconnected spirituality wise, dont get me wrong Sir and i have had some great talks on the porch about some spirituality stuff but i havent connected, felt much about spirituality stuff, i know its my fault because i havent done research or done meditation, or sat in front of my altar like i used to, need to do something just not sure what