So work was annoying but found out that we are a pilot test case for the new system we are learning, also training manager came for a talk probably cause they had us fill out a survey and i was brutally honest and i bet others were too cause i heard alot of typing, we complained about how we jumped back and forth in the material and how we learned the bare minimum of a subject then went back a week later to go more in depth and that seemed odd. Someone complained that the training wasnt long enough because some people wernt comfortable doing the mock calls in front of the class and i wanted to strangle them. Someone else mentioned that a few people were going ahead in the module while the teacher was talking and that wasnt. ” respectful of others learning styles” hey i get that everyone learns different but when you take 3 times as long as me to do something i get bored distracted and look ahead, i mean come on they are already teaching at an extremely slow pace and you cant get it? Maybe its time to move on. Someone complained that the faster people were shoutin out answers to something the trainer had us look up before the slower people could get to it, im sorry but if the trainer asks and i can get to it then im going to speak up im happy to help classmates if they are having problems finding something but im not going to keep quiet just cause it took you longer.  Sigh, need to freshen up my resume im going to stick with it and not quit but it makes for stressful days.
So moving on, i talked about the other day about keeping your word spirituality wise and how ive been slackin about freyas necklace, ive given more thoight to the design and hope that i can find the right beads and fixings at the local bead shop, my plan is to take some new findings and bits, amber and mix them in with some bits of old necklaces i got at a thrift store the i got when i first though of the project saw the necklaces, and got inspired. I really want to put the intent when im putting it together that this is a labor of thanks to her for her inspirations and guidance and reminding me of some things i had forgotten