Long borin day at work then off to severna park to pick up duck bus and take her to the shop then back to hagerstown
Sir and I were talkin about polytheisim, the belief that there is more than one deity. If you had asked me when i was a kid i would have said heck no there only one god- i was raised methodist. When i was a wiccan i believed in the goddess and god, and then a few years ago i really got introduced to polytheism, till then i hadnt really heard of the concept, and eventually started doing research into different deities.  Today i feel like the answer for me is hard polytheism, i believe that there is ma9ny different pantheons and they all have their own deities and are not aspects of each other. Like some folks believe the venus and aphrodite are aspects of the same diety, folks are definately entitled their own opinion, but combining them just doesnt work for me, at least the ones i have read/heard about.