Boring sleep day at work then busy as all fuck after work ran to the old place to get stuff, grocery store then dinner for tonight and prep for tomorrow since ill be home real late, i know this new life is going to be an adjustment, and i have no regrets about becoming roomattes with Sir, right now it just seems like theres never enough time in the day, i think i just need to sit down and plan a bit so that the longer term projects will get worked on and i wont go crazy thinking i wont get snything done when in fact i have gotten alot done- i mean most of my stuff is in storage thanks to Sirs awesome friends, ive moved the short term things for both me and him to hagerstown and set them up, im surviving the most boring oddly laid out training i had ever done.
So ive been thinking about the whole thing last night about keeping your word spirituality wise- and i got to thinking that ive been slacking off i havent worked on freyas necklace so sometime this week im going to have to go to the bead shop in town and get going cause i only have about 2 ish weeks to get it done,  and i havent touched the project for la sirene and i feel bad but i just havent had time with moving and work and all. So something to work in.