So it seems like i didnt get much done today but Sir said i was runnin around alot, there never seems enough hours in the day.
So tonights quick thought cause its late is honor- meaning if you say you follow something- be it religion, a code of morals or whatever, actually mean it. In the case of spirituality if you say you follow xy or z dont just give it lip service,  sure you dont have to follow every tenent blindly without question, but back it up, do the research, talk to people about what you believe in and why. Im still finding the right path for me, but i try to make the words i say have meaning, honor, and integrity. When someone introduces me to a concept about spirituality i have learned the hard way not to just jump in blindly and believe everything. For example, i was learning about runes and after a powerfule experience that someone had- and no i wont go into details, that was private- i thought oh i need to get a cutting done of a rune or 2, now i had thought i had good intentions, and knew the reasoning behind it, but i asked Sir to do do it, and he asked me do you really know what your getting into, because they are powerfull and you might want to wait.  I thought about it for quite some time, and realized he was right i was jumping the gun. We has since talked about it a bit,  and i have done more research and what i thought i wanted,  turned out to be tottally wrong.  I had a n experience with Freya that i talked about earlier, where she had written some runes on my chest and after doing some research found out that thous runes are way more indicative of my journey, and i hope to one day have them cut into my skin and ashed, as a reminder of what i was was i am going thru, and what is yet to come.  My point is, wait, do the research and be honorable, mean what you say, and back it up with your actions