Ran around alot today and got to go to my favorite store- wegmans- its like shopping porn for me, and then 4 other stores, and a late but mostly yummy dinner and ice cream.
Sir and i were talking about the word shaman and why he uses it. To me its versitile, as in it covers many bases, he works with all sorts of deities in his work.  And it is definately work, i have seen the emotional, physical, energetical, and financial toll its takes on him.  He does this voluntarily and i havent seen him back down from anything unless he feels he is not the right person for the job-  for moral/ethical reasons, or there is someone better qualified.  I have only glimpsed at the countless hours he puts into research, talking, or creating what the client needs whether it be a put together at the last moment thing or a year long creation.  He puts his heart and soul into his work, and puts that work before himself.  He didnt start calling himself a shaman, others did, nor does he advertise his services, people find him.  And whatever people might think about what he offers, i am proud, and honored to be his girl and try to assist him in whatever way i can so he can continue his work.