Crappy day at work found out that instead of the 7 weeks training i was told at hire- which included 2 weeks ojt that its actually 7 weeks of class and then 2 weeks ojt im gonna go nuts!
So the house we live in is very old and it has some other inhabitants other than just me and Sir, the non corporeal type.  I havent really seen much, maybe a little glimmer here or there and maybe some things out of place, but Sir is more aware of these things and has had some experiences.  His philosophy is unless they start being a nuisance or causing harm then let em be cause well its their house too. I bet they were around alot longer then we were.  Which brings up another point that has been a theme in my journey , being more aware of the world around me, im mean yeah energetically ive always said im not as spooky foo aware as most but i have been trying to work on that, and mostly its about listening and watching whats going on.  Ive seen the changes when someone brings in a deity, the air “shifts” around then is the best way i can put it, and i feel an energetical presence the physical body moves different and says different things,  its an amazing thing to watch.
Gotta work on that whole awareness thing