Tired, no wanna go work tomorrow, dont feel great, lonely, and very sad sad. All the running aroind has caught up with me cant seem toshake the sad feeling
Talked the other day about missing my altar but i havent set up the mini one here yet been running around and i just dont feel this place is home yet – we’ve been having guests so ive been sleeping here and there cause mattress is too hard in my room- but the guests have definately been worth it maybe if i dont feel like crap tomorrow ill set up the mini altar and do some centering stuff and really try to make this home. Dont get me wrong i am so happy to be out of the place i shared with my ex but this move has been tough. This move is temporary, we are going to find a place in frederick so lots of work ahead. I feel like i have been slackin spirituality wise i havent done any reading or research or hell barely any energy or centering exercizes except to get thru the day at work. Ive forgotten to post untill the next morning twice now. Maybe now things are settled a tiny bit i can get back on track, explore new avenues and try to make this place home for a bit