So starting a new job on monday and kinda scared that i wont be good at it i havent had to adhere to a daily schedule, im worried that my meds wont be enough to keep me awake during training im afraid that my coworkers will be either obnoxious or closed minded
So i have a lot of thoughts rolling thru my head and have several hours of quiet time hanging out at the hospital and im trying to work on centering stuff sometimes it work amd sometimes i get all discombobulated and feel out if whack for awhile. Im taking sunday afternoon off to do laundry veg out pet the puppies and kittiez and get good nights sleep on a real bed. Doing the centering exercises has at least kept me from melting down and im not doing as bad as i thought i would be.
Im didnt make it to the ritual last night and im perfectly fine with that. Sure id like to have gone but Sir is more important and im glad he can count on me and wants me around. I love the group that holds the rituals, they are super friendly, supportive and very knowledgable and i have alot to learn from them. Also when they heard of the situation and why we wernt going to be there they offered prayers, words of support and offered to sing for a spirit he wanted to invite.