So far hes still stuck in the hospital, trying to get better. We are all stressed and its hurry and wait and then having to deal with 5 million things at once, ahh well,moving onward. So i was thinking about freya the other day, goddess of love and beauty. So mostly ive been talking about her femininity and how to find the balance between it and strength, but tonight beauty is about seeing beauty in everything around you. Ive been hanging out with Sir at the hospital for the past 5 days and you see the worst human conditions people in pain waiting for hours to be seen, people dying. But there is also beauty all around if you pay attention, a father and new big brother visiting the newborn for the first time. A random staff person when , seeing me in the elevator with red eyes and looking exhausted, asked me if i was ok and said i hope you have a better evening. When heading out to the truck to get something seeing a butterfly land on a bush in front of me. When i had to call triple a cause i thought the truck was broken and the guy backed it out of the parking space and said i know whats wrong and fixed it on the spot. Sir trying to deal with everything but still able to laugh and joke. There is beauty all around if you look