Sir being in the hospital to figure out whats going on, im worried about him

Im working on the energy/centering exercises again in an attempt to lessen the stress Im not getting really far on the energy exercises but im trying.didnt work earlier, cause i flaked out big time, combination of no  sleep, no meds (cause i was waiting to see what happened), stress caused be to breakdown and be sent off for a nap. it helped and i tried some of the excercises.Still working on finding the right pieces for the necklace im making for freya.  Cant wait for the utos ritual this weekend it will be nice to see everyone and take a break.   The theme is harmony, and im thinking about who if any I want to invite.  I was thinking about La Siren who rules over the music arts, and who has helped me find my voice.  Or perhaps Damballah who brings peace and harmony, not sure I dont know a lot about Damballah, ill have to do more research