Today will start epic driving/packing trips im drivin out 2.5 hours each way to pick up furniture  and bring it back here then leaving the next day at crack o dawn Sir has an appt and then the day after has another

Packing up my stuff ive gone thru alot of memorabilia from my past, old photos, things from my life when I was younger.  Ive changed so much since then.  Spirituality wise I have changed so much, from being raised methodist, going to church every Sunday, to rebelling in my later teens and becoming wiccan, mostly as a solitary practitioner at first joined a diannic coven, but it was short lived.  I wandered spirituality wise for years as a “generic” pagan with no focus, trying desperately to find my way.  But I did it all wrong, I didnt  do research I didnt  seek out advice, i really didnt  do hardly anything, yet I expected everything to just fall into my lap.  Untill I met this guy, my Sir, who not only opened my eyes to a whole other world of spirituality, but challenged me, he was the one who pointed out that I expected that whomever owned my head would just pop by and say hi with no work done on my part, and that wasnt how it worked.  He also inspired me to want to do the work and his wealth of knowledge is amazing.  So, thanks Sir for being there, for challenging me, for having some amazing friends too.