Very early morning and off for an appt then have to play car tag with the duck bus to get her fixed again.

Last night I was writing about athena , and Sir suggested i read over again this http://barkingshaman.com/2011/11/16/athena-doesnt-care-about-your-sex-life/  a blog about how an adult toy store is named athena’s home novelties and how, since athena is seen as a virgin goddess how that might be inappropriate.  Ive been reading over all response and the owner of the business was like well im a pagan and athenas my patron goddess, and i donate to my community, and athena supports me, because its a women run business etc (im summarizing).  I see where she is coming from, and she says well if athena didnt like what I was doing then my business would fail.  I dont agree, i dont think just cause your business is doing  fine then athena is happy with you.  Several people who follow athena mentioned that athena doesnt hate sex, its that sex is not sacred to her.  There are many deities who rule over love, arts and crafts, homelife, war etc.

I think that some alternative religion followers try to justify their shady behavior by saying well if they didnt want me to do they would tell me or send me a sign.  Well are you looking for that sign, are you paying attention?  Cause it might be so small you miss it

Personally  if I was to name a business i would feel presumptuous that it I would assume it was ok to use a deitys name without asking the deity first