Quiet quick morning then into dc for stuff then back to md for hang outs, and then tomorrow crack o dawn appt.

I was thinking about athena and how she is the goddess of war wisdom and crafts, and to me it seemed kinda an odd mix war and crafts, but then Sir and I were talking and he mentioned that the war part doesnt necessarily mean the actual physical battle, it could mean the support staff like the people that do reconnaissance or are medics or treatyy writers etc.  It could also mean yourself as a warrior, like standing up for your friends, supporting them through their battles, standing up for what you believe in, i hadnt really thought about it like that, and I love how Sir is able to think things thru and based on his vast experience offer me suggestions or his own spin on things.  Im perfectly happy to be support staff, to help my friends through things, i learn more about myself in doing so.  And my friends, what little i have cause im bad at making them, are awesome in supporting me.