quiet morning then off to Sirs for the night cause theres an early appt on mon

its been cruddy weather all day kinda makes me gloomy

Earlier I worked on the whole centering/energy exercises thing, while its helping I still cant entirely shake the whole gloominess feeling .  I havent been super inspired spirituality wise, I havent done alot of research lately , ive looked more into aphrodite some more reaidng about some of her myths about her and adonis its interesting that she first hid him away as a baby and had to fight persphone for him and then when he became an adult loved him so much, warning him he was in danger when he was hunting  and then when he was killed by ares disguised as a boar turned the blood from his wounds into flowers.  But the whole thing began kinda sneakily, since Aphrodite ticked adonis’ mom etc.  To me its a reminder that the gods arent perfect and sometimes they might do shady things just like humans do