Relatively quick and quiet morning ran over to Sirs for a bit, them im off to Germantown and then home. The massive spike is still around, when I get back on real health insurance im going to go back to the nuero and see if something can be done, cause im sure the wake up pills are part of the cause

Several of my friends and acquaintances are doing daily gratitude posts, right now I just have the one- Im grateful for my Sir, even if hes in pain or stressed from everything going on, hes willing to drop everything to help me when im stressed, hurting, going to have a meltdown cause I got lost, etc.  He knows how to calm me with a simple touch, make sure I have headachy meds (yay Excedrin).  Thank you Sir!

Spent some more time in front of my altar to meditate and center and got to thinking about freya im still working on getting the pieces for the necklace im making her, and I need to keep reminding myself that she teaches the lesson of self esteem and to not settle,ive always had issues with self worth, but hey I finally got a job, yeah It took  almost 6 months but it pays more than I was making and I pay less for health insurance so ill have even more money, when I eventually get paid . Sooo baby steps, but im workin on it