Time to start the epic pack up stuff, make lots of appts and drive everywhere, and move for the next few weeks so much to do, worried that im not going to have enough money for the next few weeks since the 1st tier of unemployment  ends today and then I wait about a week or 2 till forms come to resign up, and by the time I get resigned up ill start training and then ill have to wait more3  weeks for 1st paycheck from job eek!!!

Today im not having huge luck coming up with something to talk about spirituality wise im uninspired, worried about the future, so many things rolling thru my head, my head has a massive spike going thru it, and then I tried some energy exercises, it helped.  I felt at least a little more centered I did some meditation, I didn’t clear my mind only let all those thought roll thru, trying to release some of the anxiety im feeling about the next few weeks it helped a little