8/20 quiet day  headed home after  helping alex pick up the duck bus still on hold for the medical stuff.  Thinking about all the stuff that has to be done ive got a list a mile long, just need to breath center an ill get thru it eventually


So I was reading before about Athena and how she is supposed to be a model of feminine beauty, but yet powerful and strong, that is the balance I strive for, to be strong, have a handle on my emotions but don’t bottle them up, and also be a woman- I realized the other day I was wearing a short dress and really don’t know how to properly walk in one, I kinda just bounced around-, and I have no idea how to flirt .  I need to work on trying to open up the inner femininity inside of me as I believe is part of my spirituality path, not that I cant wear certain clothing or something that, just that I need to keep working on it, and putting myself out there.  Its going to have to take a turn on the backburner since I have lots to do in the upcoming weeks, but im gonna try little bits here and there