Sir and i had a nice distracting day yesturday roller derby was really fun gad a good dinner withSir, d,and fred and thier friend then we headed to rocky horror,saw a few old timers but overall other than frank the cast s
Pretty much sucked,the costumes were bad and they didnt have much energy,but we still had fun
Sir and i were talking the other day about folks that have a deity relationships that give them a bad name. Those type of people give the entire community a bad name to the outside world. Because the average joe will see that one person and think that everyone acts that way.  Im not sure we have an actual responsibility to try to correct the person because we dont know the circumstance,and really who are we to judge, and heck generally it eventually will probably come back to bite them in the ass.
But i think we who practice alternate style spirituality relationships should want to educate the community that while we might  look funny or do strange things most of us are just like them,  have similar values and morals maybe we would be more accepted then.