8/17 didn’t sleep well but that’s nothing new for the last few days having trouble wakin up.  Waiting for some results before we can move further.  Lots of stuff to think about

Im going to be moving soon and was thinking about the packing up and moving of my altar. Its changed so much in the last few months, awhile ago I would have considered it a paganish altar some items of importance from rituals, things important to me, a goddess statue, stones and semi precious rocks, a chalice,  etc,  but now it is completely different.  I have little areas dedicated to different deities, my first collar that Sir gave me because it is an important part of my spiritual journey.  It will be sad to pack up all that stuff  because for awhile most of it will be in storage, but its like a journey, the generic altar was the past and this present one is a sign of the future