Back to Annapolis for more test stuff hopefully it will go well. Tired as all get out from a lack of sleep and good quality sleep need to find the part for my mask to make it better but haven’t had the time going to work on organizing my notes and make some plans for the next few months.

Sir asked me what its like to be in a relationship with someone who has a god phone, and gave me a hypothetical situation, if we were in the car and I say I want ice cream, and a bit later he says well Loki has said, no ice cream for Sir.  What would I do in this situation- I could cry and whine and go and get ice cream and eat it in front of him, but that wouldn’t be very nice.  He, because of our relationship could tell me no your not having any either, but really it comes down to  I need to trust him that he is deducing what is said by deity correctly, and he has a good track record, I need to respect his faith, and support him on his journey.  Im trying to start to recognize the signs of when hes getting (as I call it) a god ping to be more aware , so I can assist him if need be