Wow what a day we were running around like chicken with our heads cut off..very stressfull day and, yet again I got us lost and I had a mini meltdown and I have a new assignment to learn different ways out of dc and write them down and keep a map since the gps keeps failing me

I have the most understanding Sir in the world even tho he was in pain and stressed and etc, when I was freaking out about getting lost again he took the time to ground me out and helped me get by it

Sir had told me at the ritual to dance for Athena, she didn’t make an appearance, he said afterward that he had a theory and wanted to test it out a few times to see what happens.  We were discussing her afterwards, and I really didn’t know anything about her except that I had heard she was supposed to be this virgin goddess or something, so I really didn’t know how that related to me.  He told me it was more about being virtuous, having morals, and that you can still be femmey, flirtatious, while yet being an independent strong woman

Night, long day ahead