Had a quiet morning worked on some sewing projects for sat, and the cake for Freda, and well theres now one for Dantor as well, but its not decorated yet I have one more sewing project im trying to finish tonight…ahh so much to do

This is gonna be rather short as the spike that’s in my head (namely my headache) is making me nauseous and my eyes hurt

I owe a lot to those I serve both human and otherwise they have helped me thru hard times.  They have taught me lessons, some that were hard to take or to figure out, some that were exciting. I have learned a lot, I have been inspired to  create things in their honor –food, crafts, etc, I have learned more about myself than I even thought possible –though I know I have so much farther to go .  I have learned more about other deities and pantheons in general in the last 3 years than I have my entire life-especially in the last 2 months