I have a job! Well mostly still have to pass background screening  but crossing my fingers everything will be ok

I was looking into spirits that I might ask to be on the list for this sat ritual and I got detoured into looking at Erzulie Freda more and I got inspired to bake (not tonight this was really late)so more than likely ill have a pink cake or cupcakes for sat, I Love to bake .  She is the epitome of what I lack really, she is graceful, alluring, and flirtatious, very feminine Ive said before that I need to work on the whole girly thing  and I think asking her help with this process would be appropriate, we will see how it goes

oh and i found this really awesome starfish pendant at wally world for only 50 cents , I wasnt gonna even look in the bin that it was in but it caught my eye

Kinda feel cruddy so this is all ive got for tonight