Had a quick morning  got up early and was off to Sirs to do some appts  and hung out for awhile, he’s the most awesome Sir in the world, he’s patient, gives me good advice, and makes me feel warm and squishy  inside with just a simple good girl, Im proud to be his.

Spirituality wise Im so glad that I have options ,in the past I was annoyed that I couldn’t find the “right for me path” and I jumped into things too quickly,  like being a dianic witch, at the time I jumped in with both feet I felt like I had found my path these people were supportive, friendly and we explored magick together, but then I realized that because of the very strict women centric policies that I couldn’t bring my (at the time, now my ex) trans partner to any gathering whether it was ritual or something else, which made me feel unwelcome, that I couldn’t express that part of my life.  After that experience I wandered here and there I joined another coven briefly and then kinda drifted, and then I met this guy who blew my life apart (in a good way).  He opened my eyes to so many different paths, and I need to learn how to better embrace those paths because who knows one of them might be mine eventually.  Sir has so much experience and knowledge that I can learn from and expand on.  Im actually really happy  to be doing so much research-im surprised because im not the best student in general, Im inspired to learn stories about deities , I love hearing about personal stories about those that serve them, it provides insight into things.

Im not taking 1 persons opinon as the answer to everything there is no “one true way” to me but by doing research and  taking others opinions and advice I can make an informed opinion about what I believe-which may fluctuate from time to time

Tomorrow I hope to hear about the job  and have a shit ton of sewing to do, busy busy busy