Slow morning, heard from the potential job they are still waiting for a former employer to verify my employment so it might be a bit

So I did some research on venus today, goddess of love and beauty.  Come to find out she has many aspects associated with her.  Two that struck a chord with me are Venus Verticordia (the changer of hearts) and Venus Libertina (the freedwoman and/or the passionate one).  The changer of hearts- to me it means you have to work at love, both to love yourself and to have others love you.   If I don’t take the time to work on myself then how can I expect to attract the kind of love I want.  The other Venus Libertina- whose name means the freedwoman and  could also be interpreted as coming from the word lubentina meaning pleasurable or passionate.  Passionate- I need to be more passionate in my life, too often I let things slide because im lazy or uninspired or get distracted often, I need to take joy in everyday things, that I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach.  I need to reconnect with nature, not just the ocean but go walking in the trees.  I need to show more passion in serving those that I do, because I am happy serving them, but need to reconnect with them energetically.