Had a quiet morning I relaxed, tried to take it easy, got some new fabric to rework a project that went wrong . Spent most of the day cleaning and getting rid of crap I don’t need/haven’t used in forever and the day just flew by, but now my back is killing me.  My neck/arms been hurtin too, but I think that’s the mattress im on

I hope tomorrow I hear about the potential job

Some of the stuff that popped into my head from last nights exercise is that I need to expand my horizons-Sir had suggested this awhile ago and last night  it rolled around in my head a lot.  I have a decent exposure to norse, (so far , but I know I have more to learn) but I need exposure to folks who worship in other pantheons,  like greek, roman, eqyptian etc.  Eventually Im going to contact folks who have relationships with other deities that im interested in knowing more about but first I have to work on more specific questions so im not just going  ummmm so tell me about them .

Im going to start researching more about venus (and Aphrodite) cause I don’t know a super lot about them other then the water connection

I also need to pick up some fresh cigars for papa legba , and some supplies for the ritual  this sat.  I cant wait to see the folks that go I  miss them, but it will mean ill probably miss the littles munch, why does everything seem to happen on the same day then the next weekend there is nothing

Im also still rolling around a few more ideas/thoughts that popped up last night so there will probably be more tomorrow