Slept in late after going back to bed after picking Sir up really early in the am.  Found out why I hadn’t heard anything from my hopeful employer, they hadn’t been able to get ahold of a former employer  that had been sold to another company that didn’t have records.  So gave em the umbrella companies number, hopefully they still have records, others wise ill have to dig out a few years w2’s.

I didn’t really do much spirituality wise today, I was pretty lazy.  But, I have a lot of thoughts running through my head the majority of them are around love stuff, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with how much I have/want to learn, different pantheons and deities, how people worship them,  who they are, if I want to have a relationship (however that takes shape) with them and why would I want one cause well yes I do want to find the one who “owns my head” but I don’t want to end up with a never ending altar or not being able to keep my promises cause I have too much going on.  I know that its all not about me, its about what I can offer them, and what we can do together.  That’s why even now when I could use a lot of help with a new job, getting the truck fixed, new place etc, I try to only ask for help in small ways, like help make an interview go well.  In my opinion if I ask too much without giving a lot in return then Im just taking advantage of them .