Had a quick quiet morning, cleaned up and packed for Sirs house, spending a quiet afternoon with him. Got in late so this is gonna be short

So last night I had an idea of a theme im experiencing with deities right now-water.  It brings change, not always in a good way, but water can be destructive and productive- a typhoon can be destructive, but water can also give us power.  Water can create life in the ocean, and can drown you.  I have, in the past been one to plan plan plan , I like things to have structure (even if I forget stuff)  theses deities have helped me to remember to go with the flow, that not knowing whats going on is ok , that having some direction is ok but to be flexible and willing to change.  That I have to learn to love myself , which is still hard for myself.  That love can take time and to be ok with that (which is something I constantly have to remind myself)

Ive been working on my whites to jazz them up a bit I added ruffles at the neck, but I think im also going to add  either an over skirt  or something else of blue silk if I can find it, I have blue silk that is a fabulous watery color but its not enough for a skirt, so im using it in my craft project for La Siren.

Cant wait for the next utos ritual we are taking someone relatively new with us I think it will be a good time