Spent the morning doing some sewing, well ok most of the day, put in a few applications.  Worked on some paperwork.

Picked up some books at the library, Sir had mentioned a while ago that it would be a good idea to learn about other pantheons .  My hick library is rather limited but I did find a book on greek and roman gods/goddess it reads like a kinda boring textbook but the little ive read so far I can at least pick up some description of who they were cause really I barely know know anything about these pantheons.

Its interesting to note both Venus and Aphrodite the roman and greek goddesses were both born from sea foam.

So that makes 4 count em 4 deitys that are “girly girls” (love, beauty, etc)that  have something to do with the sea/water.  Venus and Aphrodite were born from it.  The 2 ive had experiences with Freya-one of the translations of her name means the one shining over the sea, her tears for her lost husband turned to amber when they hit the sea and La Sirene- a seductive mermaid Lwa who rules over the oceans.  Don’t know about you but I see a pattern here of sorts, something to think about.

Ive been trying to find more information about Lilith, theres nothing that I can find so far in my local library, but net research ive found that there are several interpretations of the meaning of her name-female night demon, night, evening, wind or Lady air .  In jewish tradition shes referred to as shedim spirit or demon and can be related to storms .  Also in some places shes refered to in Sumerian texts as the handmaiden of Inanna because Inanna who send Lilith out to lead men astray.  Seems like shes referred to in many different cultures, sometimes its tough to sort through whats loosely interpretated  whats based on personal opions, and whats based on ancient texts etc.