Spent the morning on the phone getting some appts done . Im still putting in applications even though im crossing my fingers Im getting the job that ive already jumped thru a lot of hoops for.   The rest of the day was rather unproductive, I watched tv oh wait I did a bit of laundry.   But honestly if you asked me what I did from around noon till 8p I would have said nothing .  Im sliding back a bit to old habits of I have so much I could do that would be beneficial to me but ill just sit here in front of the tv-part of it is even if im studying or reading a book I have to have noise and preferably video in the background and then I get distracted.  Tomorrow ill skip watching my series  and just put on some music and read.


I started cutting out my craft project for La Sirene, still have to get some supplies but at least I can do the base shape.  In my head ive been adding lots of stuff originally it was relatively simple but it was oh wait I could add a backdrop, oh wait I could add this etc etc , so we will see how it turns out .

Ive been thinking more about the whole rune cutting thing.  I think I have an idea of what I want but Im probably going to let it stew a few months.  As I was typing this however I got the idea that I might want to rethink the whole thing and get something else done in another language, but not quite sure which one, eh more research to be done