Wow, well lots of stuff might be happening  in the next few weeks, kinda makes me concerned about the future but, im going to drop that now.  The rest of the day was relatively boring vegged around for awhile watchin one of my favorite tv shows from the 80s the pretender (love my hulu) .Crossing my fingers that I hear good news from the potential job early next week

Ive been working on the energy exercises here an there, are they successful? Eh don’t know really, I feel a few things but  I think I need to practice a lot more if I want it to work better.

Got some supplies to work on part one of the craft project for La Sirene and the necklace for Freya.  Im making a mermaid wall hanging, its gonna have blue kinda watery colored silk and and a fin, some dangly stuff and sparkly stuff I think it will look good.  Also got the fabric I need to do someone elses whites just gotta throw it in the wash when I get back tomorrow .

Ive had trouble getting motivated to do anything the last week, the whole not being employed thing has really hit me hard lately but I was headed to bed, looked over at my altar and saw how dusty it was and I couldn’t sleep till I did something  so I spent awhile taking everything off and cleaning up, at least I felt a touch better