Got up early to do an airport run had a nice lunch with Sir went to an appt then we hung out at the dojo for a bit.  Tomorrow I have more hoops to jump thru for a possible job, gotta get piss tested and background checked and perhaps another interview but I figure at least they must be slightly interested if they are doing the pee test.  Maybe they run those things and pick from a pool I don’t know….lots of steps, but crossing my fingers I could really use a job, I cant believe its been 5 months.

I looked into Sigyn a bit but stuff on her is hard to find,  Ive seen the devoted wife and mother bit but sofar I haven’t really seen anything else .

Sir and I were talking about tattoos and  body mods and I was talking about wanting to get another tat when I could afford it  and he said I could see you getting a mermaid.  Hes talking about for La Siren, ive been talking a lot about other deities but I haven’t forgotton about her.. I feel her presence a lot.  I really should go back to the ocean and go swimming, yeah need to be careful but I love to swim.  Guess I should look into images so if I was able to get a tat (various factors influence that part) id know what I want.

Ive also been thinking about runes, awhile back I wanted to get a cutting of runes but it was pointed out that at the time I really didn’t know much about them, which is true but after the whole freya thing and the research Ive done I think I have an idea of what I want and why,  but I got to talk to Sir about some stuff first, but no rush.