Putzed around most of the morning, didn’t really get much done,  cleaned, went grocery shopping.  Mostly a lack of motivation on my part

Started reading a book about loki, its really interesting, he gets a really bad rap, but from some of the personal stories I see a different side of him, one that yes might change up the lives of his followers but usually does it with the best intentions and truly cares for them at least so far of what Ive seen….It sounds like it’s a tough path to follow.

I have enough stress in my life being unemployed and having to deal with my ex and this crappy house (long story, not in the mood to explain).  I am glad right now im still trying to find my path.  I see the restrictions and rules that some devotees have to deal with, and right now I am happy (for the most part) of what im doing spirituality wise.  Also the book mentions Sigyn one of his wives who held the bowl to collect the poison dripping on her husbands face amazing such dedication, ill have to look into her too, she seems interesting.