Went to the interview I think well spent most of the rest of the day putting applications in, cleaning up, and sewing.

It was interesting, Sir and I had talked about learing different pantheons, one of which is the greek one, and when I came home that day a disc from Netflix about greek gods was there,  just a small coincidence.

Ive come to realize that for me the energy exercises work better  if I do them in small batches 5 or 10 mins here or there.  If I try to force it by trying to do like 30-45 mins in a block I tend to get distracted or cant center or do anything . I turn off the tv put some music on, and try, so at least im working on it

Sir had suggested learning about other pantheons, had mentioned Lilith, so im starting to try to find information about her, I had no idea she was tied to Judaism  so far Ive only found things like historically shes seen as a female demon.  I really don’t know much about her, so ill have to do more research but one of the first horsings I had ever seen was her, there was other horsings during that time and it was a private thing for someone else so Im not getting into details, but I remember seeing this proud, strong, very feminine, very seductive woman, and wondering if she was a warrior.  Not sure if its related but more research is in order.

Sad that I wont be able to make the utos ritual this Friday but its up in NY and I just cant afford it