so yeah its a bit late but i didnt get home till a few minutes ago so here it is


Had a quiet morning  putzed around till everyone woke up around noonish and made breakfast .  We all watched a bunch of moview then went out with a bunch of his friends to dinner

I had an interesting conversation with someone who had some personal interactions with Odin and with Sir  about wyrd , that wyrd can have more than one path, that one path might be smother and the way you should go but there are other more bumpy paths that might seem more exciting but they are rougher tougher and might be hard to take, and probably not the way you should have gone but that you have choices.  That people who have a relationship with Odin have to work super hard and he can run them ragged Its possible that Odin took notice and advantage of the way Ive been feeling.  Inside I want so much to be able to talk to a deity like with god phone etc but overall I know its a bad idea and has consequences cause ive seen what people have to go thru that have em.

Had a good conversation over dinner and afterwards some stuff to work on and think about

Feeling rather sad and little today, the movie made me sad,and I really need to find more friends I don’t have anywhere else than Sirs house really to go hang out etc, and lots of activities to meet folks  at are expensive when your unemployed, ehh something to work on finding low cost activities with like minded folks