Got a late start on the day got in late then was up till 3 filled out applications all day then just got out of the house and drove around, went to the thrift store to see if I could find a a new dress for the interview but no luck except for a portable record player (yay vinyl)  and some blue glass pebbles for La Sirene

Working on energy exercises again today or at least trying to center myself and start to do energy exercises.  Finished off the uncle einar book and the short one on odin going to read one on Loki.

Im trying to read up on different opinions from people that have different relationships with deitys, no matter what the pantheon.  The more I can learn about all different deities and Pantheons  the more help I can be to Sir and who knows I might just find the one who “owns” my head along the way (maybe).  Its going to be a long slow path, sometimes when I get sad or frustrated about something there are times in the back of my head I want to just know everything instantaneously but I know that would have consequences that I probably wouldn’t like, and Ive got at least some focus and I don’t want to mess anything up.

Ive been looking online at beads for the necklace I promised Freya, there a lot of different beads of amber, its going to take a bit to figure out  what ones will work best with what, and I know its not all going to be amber, im not sure If I need to add gold or silver but  it’s going to be some sort of pendant and spacers in between the amber

Edit: that was earlier in the day I now know the pendant is going to be her rune but the other parts of it Im still not sure about the other