So this is gonna be short cause im out at um yeah a club thats it yeah a club im also a little little and tripping off of energy from Sir and his newer boyfriend so youve been warned
I also got my boots done for this first time it was yummy and mr del and his newer boyfriend were sayin naughty things and it made me blush
I worked on energy exercises but as soon as i was able to center and try to start focusing energy to my hands i was falling a sleep i guess thats what happens when you do them at 10 i was also readin the norse myth book im almost done.  And tomorrow ive got a chat lined up with someone who has personal experiences with Odin should  be interesting
Oh and last night doing the energy exercises i probably shouldnt have pointed my body towards the altar cause this really strange but good feelin came up thru my vagina thru the pelvic bone and kinda settled in between the sacral and solar plexus chakra so hey thats what energy feels like