Slept in a touch and have a busy day today, cleaning packing up some stuff for tomorrow, Sir’s boyfriend comes in and we need to pick him up at the airport.  I worked on my new whites shirt but the sleeve ruffle isnt sitting right  I might just leave it off not sure.

I read more of the uncle einars book about norse myths, they are so easy to read and hilarious  but it gives you a sense of the orginal, amazing how much reading you can do on a trip to the dmv.

Sir mentioned in one of his comments on this journal that I need to work on the basics like sensing energy better,  and thanks R I will probably take you up on the offer of help.  I had actually read a book that had some energy exercises in it, I had started to do them but it kind of fell by the wayside.  I think that my ability to sense energy has actually gotten worse in the last year or so, it was never super great but with certain people that I think I have or had an energetical connection in one way or another  it seems to have diminished not sure if its stress related, because im not practicing, or something else not sure.  I definitely need to restart those exercises.

At times I feel like I have spirituality ADD, theres so much I have/want to learn about, it seems theres not enough time in the day .  I don’t want to focus on one thing for too long or ill forget to work on something important like the energy exercises or piss off a deity that Ive made a promise to.  I think I need to google calendar a few things as a reminder of the longer term things, and sit down and figure out a schedule, something that is flexible and can be modified, but of things that I should be doing every day and things that can happen once in awhile , keep a running to do list since my memory is so bad .

I watched a show today on stonehedge, and some of the sciency stuff they did was really interesting.  The scientist were trying to figure out why people believed it had religious significance, and part of it they were doing acoustic testing, they found out the stones were set in such a way to reflect the noise-in this case drumming that could cause a trance like effect in human brains, they did all sorts of tests  including  MRI’s  I thought that was really interesting .