Yeah this ones a bit late too but, I started typing and the words just blurted out, it took longer to type  than I expected

The assessment went well, I passed and have a phone interview tomorrow wish me luck.  Spent a nice quiet day with Sir just hanging out

Ive been rather vague about the deity that I had the reading on but ive  changed my mind, so let me tell you a story.  I was at a ritual and Odin graced us with his presence for a bit .  During the possession , Odin started to dance with me for a bit, then he paused,  held my hands for a moment and went and danced with a few others.  What I didn’t know at the time was that he was going to drop to one knee and propose to me.  The horse was in enough control of their body to essentially redirect Odin so that it didn’t happen in a ritual  with a bunch of people with me having no preparation and not knowing hardly anything about him.  So, it could be he was taking advantage of the vibe  I was putting out that night ( I was feeling lonely, like no one loved me, etc), it could be that he as a ladies man saw something he liked, it could be that after Freya had marked me with runes (that I believe had something to do with marriage and family) he took notice.  It could be that he just saw something in me and wanted to marry me.

So after that Sir and I discussed things, and decided the best thing was to get a reading on his intentions, but the reading didn’t go quite the way I had thought/planned.  Ive talked about the reading before, but the general gist is its up to fate whatever happens and I probably wont have a choice.  But it was brought up, what do I really know about him,  and at the time it was hardly anything.  So Ive been doing lots of reading/research etc, learning about the good and bad.  Learning how others have relationships with him.  Ive been doing  some devotional work to him, reading, spending time and energy thinking about him, Ive got some space on my altar for him .  I talk to him in my head -I don’t have god communication devices built in, so it’s a one way conversation. I try to be clear that Im still learning about him , and deity relationship in general so Im not really  ready for anything major just yet.