Slept in till 9, hey its better that getting up at 7 put in a bunch of applications  then took a break and started sewing trying to relax cause ive got an assessment tomorrow, but ive got sewing and grocery shopping etc to do

Started reading a book about odin and its giving me a bunch to think about .  Most of what Ive read so far is about the aspects of odin as the wanderer or the old man, they say that hes a ladies man and has multiple moral spouses and other mortal relationships.  But honestly, I take a look at some of the images Ive seen to represent Odin and he looks old enough to be my dad,  Yeah that would make me think why would someone want to marry someone like that.

But, I came across another aspect of him that intrigues me, and makes me understand why he is such a ladies man and not  a dad figure , the breath giver.  It talks about the sacred gift  of his kiss.  That his breath gives us life, is enticing, seductive.  That his breath can open you up, and leave you vulnerable.  The way its described makes me think of yes a more mature man, definitely wise and has that confident, seductive look about him, which is definitely intriguing.

Awhile back I had started studying runes, getting to know what they mean how to use them etc .  Then I put them on hold for other things and just recently picked up the studying again.  I don’t actually have a set  but had plans to make a set and didn’t get around to it, but im going to start that up on Thursday, it will help me learn them etc.

Ive got several ideas/thoughts/discussion topics  rolling around in my head but its getting late and I have to get up early tomorrow