Its a few minutes late but I got in later in the evening then got distracted, then it took a bit loonger than I thought to write this even though its not that long

Didn’t sleep super well, but am putting in a bunch of applications cooked a yummy breakfast for folks and tidied up a bit.  Need to work on my typing skills I have an assessment Wednesday and I bet a typing test is part of it, its not an interview but hey a step in the right directions

Sir recommended reading a book he had, norse mythology according to uncle Einar  so Im going to take it home and start it tonight.  He suggested it because it’s a retelling of the eddas in modern language and if theres even a minute chance of a relationship with a deity in the norse pantheon, even though this one might not  be the one the “owns my head” it might be a good idea .   I ended up borrowing several books 2 on the eddas, 1 on rituals and 2 on norse devotionals, so a lot of reading ahead .

Ive been thinking about all the stuff Sir and I talked about, the interpretation of the deity trustworthiness thing , and in some respects it does make sense, that the person in charge might need to get some things done at all costs.  Is it for the best? I guess it depends on the circumstances, Im not saying im going to blindly accept all the stuff anyone does be they deity or mortal as being for the greater good but we all have shades of grey in us, everythings not black and white.

Im trying to take it easy, slow and do lots of research, for the most part spirituality wise Im happier than Ive ever been, I have some direction, Ive been more in touch with myself energy wise, Ive (tried) to open myself up to new experiences, but trying not to force it too hard and take my time.

More tomorrow, I got in later in the evening and this took a bit longer than I thought it would to write