The job hunts actually going a touch better , well at least I was able to apply for 5 jobs in the space of an hour instead of it taking over 2

Ive been looking runes again, I had kinda put learning them on hold when I started doing some stuff around La Sirene and a few others.  I had meant to get back to it  esp after Freya tried to carve some into my chest, but ended up using a skin marker instead (this is related to a ritual I went to where this happened and the other thing –that I got the reading about happened as well) .  But the other day I found the rune flash cards I had made (I have trouble remembering things so flash cards help) and the “workbook” I had read a bit ago .  I also watched a you tube video or 2 about the meaning of the runes  that were on my chest.  Now im not taking these videos to be the absolute authority, cause everyone has their own opinions and interpretations but it gives me some insight into things.

I got some fabric to remake my shirt for my whites, I had already made the skirt by combining the old skirt and some new material but couldn’t figure out a way to do that for the shirt without it looking funny, but im definitely going to add some ruffles and lace to it.