Daily fire

Didn’t really accomplish much today between the massive headache which feel like an icepick stabbing repeatedly into my temple, the little sleep I got last night, and worrying about the truck I had no energy today.

Edit: that was earlier in the day and while the truck isn’t as bad as I thought, it will have to wait till at least wed, the icepick in my head isn’t helping me get anything done

I did do some thinking about the whole the one I got the reading about/trustworthyness thing It scares me away, but also makes me think about really how bad they could be.  Their name has a few meanings, and there are many stories about them.  There are many deitys throughout time that have meddled in mortals affairs, is it really that bad, does it depend on the circumstances?  Did they really break oaths and how important is that to me ? (more reading to be done) And well, from what the reading says Im not going to have a choice, that its up to fate.  But at least I can have an informed opinion of the matter.  Im not saying that Im going to doing nothing and leave it all up to fate, the journey thus far has been interesting and enlightening and amazing even if it has been challenging and super slow (which might have been to me not doing enough work)

Ive also been looking more into Freya as well and that fact that she is the goddess of love and sexuality is rather relevant lately, as my most recent attempts at love, or heck even dating have flamed and died spectacularly in some way or another.  But Im trying to remind myself that it will be worth it to wait for the “right” one and not jump into new relationships too fast , that I am worth the wait.

Its interesting, I start these posts earlier in the day thinking what the heck is going to happen today, I gotta come up with something to say, not intending them to be more than a few sentences and only take a few minutes.  Then at the end of the day I end up revamping a lot of it, adding several things, and thinking about what Ive written and its an hour later