Haven’t really been super productive today, a little work on some crafty things, and one project that didn’t work out  and has to be revamped.  My window a/c is having a hard time cooling my bedroom in this heat, sucks to be in an 100 year old house, going to the bathroom since the hall and bathroom aren’t  cooled can mean sweatin your ass off

Im planning out something im offering to La Siren, so when I do get a chance to go the ocean I can offer it to her.  I want it to be crafty since I am a bit, to incorporate her colors , I have a few I ideas but need to spend some quiet time just thinking about her and maybe some more will come to me .

Edit: that was earlier in the day I now have at least one good idea and it will take a bit to do it but I think it will be worth it.

I watched some more videos on vodoun mostly on the dance steps for the different lwa.  I also did a bit more research on the one  I had the reading on and some of the thoughts that had came up as to whether they are trustworthy or not, that they messed around in human affairs just to cause trouble, that they broke oaths.  Im still working on how I feel about those things, and whether they are actually true which will require more reading, and talking to folks, there are a lot of differing opinions out there.