Going to have to take the truck in Monday the clunking is getting worse, Im hoping it wont be expensive.

Ive been somewhat productive today, ive been doing some craft/sewing projects that are spirituality relatedIve been watching a lot of you tube videos today, its amazing what people post there, ceremonies of all types.  With the voodoo ones its interesting to see the intricate steps they do for each of the lwa.  I knew that there were different steps but to see it on video its really interesting, wish I could see it in person sometime.  Its also interesting to see peoples personal view talking about how they serve their gods.  And, some of the clothing is very intricate loaded with lace some very colorful, some all white I think I need to add some stuff to my whites.  I also need to do more research on who I got the reading about since earlier research brought up some interesting thoughts that I need to delve deeper into