Had a bad day emotional wise, the whole unemployment stuff, my hand is hurting,  feeling a bit sorry for myself, want so much to get out of this place but don’t want to move till I find a job, the heat isn’t helping cause no central a/c in a 120 yr old house- but window a/c in living and bedroom help.  Time to curl up with a stuffie.

Read the mermaid books I had picked up at the library yesterday, they are kids books so the stories are short its interesting to see the themes that pop up, there are some mermaids that are “ugly” and some that are beautiful but a lot of them have similar warnings, make them mad and they will probably take you under the ocean and drown you.  Not all of them, but it’s a recurring theme, and something to think about

Will work on some altar stuff tonight, made a stop at a liquor store for a few supplies.  Ok enough procrastination off to work